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Handmade Jewelry Never Looked So Good!

Haven't you heard the famous saying jewelry is a woman's best friend? Well now that's even more true with our fine quality handmade jewelry! We noticed their was a lack of creativity, originality, and freshness in the jewelry industry. Our goal was to come up with something unique, modern, and affordable at the same time.

We've worked hard on putting together an exquisite collection of handmade jewelry. You'll find everything from handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more! Some popular styles include shell, glass, monogram, inspirational, cluster, full sets, and a ton of more exclusives coming soon.

Our styles continue to evolve and we love getting feedback from our customers as well, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep a look out for design updates. Our reputation for fantastic customer service, a wide selection, and great pricing will always be the benchmark of our success!

For the longest time factory style sterling silver jewelry was the biggest deal because of it's affordable price. Recently the demand of plain silver styles have gone down and the demand for unique and high quality handmade jewelry has gone through the roof. It's something different, new, and definitely trending up.

What's important in our world isn't so much the brand or the designer. Once you get obsessed with a brand, you don't care so much what they make or the quality of what they make, you're just buying the jewelry because of the brand name. On the flip side, we're all about the heart and soul of the jewelry. Meaning the way you feel when you wear it, the energy it gives off, and that's what makes every handmade piece elegant yet simple!

Our Customers Say It The Best

"I shop here for my jewelry, presents for friends, birthday gifts for my daughter's friends. Their jewelry is so fun and unique, I just love it! " -Jessica S. Washington D.C.